Community Living

Posted on 23-02-2010

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Religious Life

Posted on 16-03-2009

rel_lifeCOME, FOLLOW ME!” has been Christ’s invitation throughout the past twenty centuries and still finds its echo today. Embarking on religious life implies a ‘radical following’ of Christ, and this ‘in community’. Apart from sharing a common Baptism with all Christians, the Holy Spirit is calling young women in a special way to unite them with himself and one another. As ‘Servants of the Holy Spirit’ our life is rooted in our ‘Trinitarian Spirituality’, so beautifully expressed in the Prologue of our Constitutions:

“Our missionary vocation draws its vitality from our faith in the holy Triune God dwelling in us, making him known, loved and glorified by all.” Our name signifies both, our innermost being and our mandate, and invites us to an inexpressible love relationship with God and one another, thus permeating our whole life and being. Since the Trinity is our home from which flow joy, peace and goodwill we become more sensitive to each other in communities of mixed cultures, creating an atmosphere of cooperation, tolerance and acceptance. Sharing our giftedness and letting ourselves being enriched are special privileges we enjoy. As Religious we live out our Vows of consecrated chastity, evangelical poverty and apostolic obedience, binding ourselves to Christ and to one another in community. Here we are being “caught up in a special way in the love dynamic of the Trinity.” We treasure our Holy Rule as something life-giving – not stifling – giving us positive direction and leading us to true freedom. The daily EUCHARIST is the highlight of the day, giving everything that “golden touch” our hearts yearn for. Praying together and sharing our faith-experiences enrich our lives positively, giving us renewed impetus to serve one another in joy, Thus religious life is far from a withdrawal from life. It’s never static. It always looks ahead and is open to ever new paths. It is a life in the Spirit:

“putting a spring in our step, adding a sparkle to our living and keeping us ever awake” (Tom Fagarty)

“We have seen the Lord, and are transformed!” (is a message of hope we take with us from the last General Chapter)

posted in March 16, 2009

Understanding the VOW

Posted on 30-12-2008

vow St. Augustine said long ago, "You would not be looking for God, had you not already found God."

Religious life requires total immersion in the life of Christ and complete concentration of the Gospel life today. Religious vows are like beacons, ideals, signs of hope to be lived in the here and now. These are public witness to Gospel values.

The world today needs a reckless lover, a voice for the poor and a pursuer of truth. Religious Poverty comes down consistently on the side of the poor, sees life always from the perspective of the poor. Paying attention to the scriptures is what leads us to the poor. Paying attention to the poor is what enables us to understand the scripture. "If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross and follow me." (Mk. 8:34)

Chastity is about learning to love. It is love given with an open hand. To fall and fail along the way is no disgrace. It is, in fact, part of the process of learning to love. It is human to be human. It gives new dimension to life, freedom to soul and availability to its demands. The passionate religious is the one who falls in love with the marginalised such as the elderly, the dying, HIV patients, etc.; who is a voice for the voiceless in the society and who shows mercy and compassion. All followers of Jesus are meant to be persons marked by love. My mission work is in vain without loving and being loved.

Obedience is the vow that makes it possible to follow the example of Jesus. Reading and listening to the word of God in the depths of my being, I become conscious of who I am before God and of my dependence on him and on one another. Obedience is not about childish dependence. It is about life gone wild with the personal awareness of personal responsibility. It requires me to listen to the poor and hear the ignored and bow to the little as well as to the mighty through the voice of God in Scripture . (Sent in by Sr. Sujata Savarimuthu)

posted in December 30, 2009